Education Business Software

Information technology speeds the transfer and distribution of information. Students can easily access academic data using computers and new technologies like mobile phone application.

Our experts have coded educational applications which can be used by students to access information very fast. These mobile phone applications are replacing some old methods like borrowing of books in libraries, now days students can use Library mobile phone applications to download books inform of e-books, so they have these books at any time which saves them time and helps them read at any time anywhere.

Both teachers and students can use these new educational technologies to archive specific academic goals.

Retail & Consumer Service

The Indian Retail sector has comeoff age and has gone through major transformation over the last decade with anoticeable shift towards organized retailing. Major domestic players havestepped into the retail arena with long term, ambitious plans to expand theirbusiness across verticals, cities and formats. Within retail, the emergingsectors would be food and grocery, apparel, electronics, e-commerce, fashionand lifestyle.

By looking forward to theglobalization of this industry at such a big scale we have launched a one stopsolution for all the requirements of Retailand Consumer Service Industry.

Pharmacy & Life Science Software

The global life sciences industry is confronted with a host of challenges, including the healthcare crisis in many countries, a declining patents regime, growing competition from generic producers, greater regulatory scrutiny, pricing pressures, changing demographics and the emergence of new untapped markets.

We have a select clientele from across the pharmaceuticals, biologics, immunology, medical device, biopharma, healthcare equipment, hospital software, and other life sciences companies. Our solutions are wide-ranging, from serialization to aid in packaging, anti-diversion measures at the packaging lines and distribution system, and IT upgrades to meet the changing regulatory environment, to turnkey IT projects and staffing solutions.

Online Merchant Solutions

An online merchant is very similar to a merchant at a regular store in many ways. However, instead of operating at a real storefront, the Internet merchant works for a business that is found entirely online. Online merchants wear many hats, as they are in charge of a variety of tasks including managing the store's inventory, purchasing items needed for the shop, overseeing financial information, promoting the products, and so forth.

Online merchants are responsible for the products that come into the store and the products that go out of a store. They check out virtual or physical wholesalers to provide materials and goods for the shop, and they calculate totals for products purchased through the website. They are also in charge of making sure that the store is fully stocked and products are ready to send. Through uploading and maintaining pictures of items in stock, online merchants also help to advertise and promote the products.